Friday, January 16, 2009

Liberty is like a river that knows no bounds;
swells and contracts as it makes its way
to the vast roily sea.
The sea is a metaphor for all tears cried.
Like when Liberty died.
I guess being composed and centered is like majestic
mountain over there, splayed out in front of azure skies,
the color of your mother's eyes.

Liberation is participating in the vision described above.
As it is, the river of my body chugs along
and has an inkling of unclogged rivulets running,
no.. rushing, rushing up and down my arms and legs.
Living in oppression is like being my ankles
pleading with my blood to climb up into my heart
where hope lives, pumping.
Hope is like feeling the beats of your own drumming
heart steady and defiant.
When you're filled with hope, you are the river.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Betters began a campaign to bleed the economy to control the People.
Smoke and mirrors were put in place long before implementation.
Blame for economic constrictors was played out by the mock media in terms
that placed the blame squarely on the People.
The People were irresponsible in the use of credit, they say
bought homes they couldn't afford, they say
most People had given up putting a few pennies away for that rainy day;
the rain never came.
The Betters squawked ad nauseam.
Companies began to find ways and means to strip workers
of pensions set up for retirement.
401-K accounts now defunct thanks to company bankruptcies
along with engineered Wall Street crashes and recessions.
Corporations ratcheted-up their involvement in directing the affairs of Man.
The chicanery, double-dealing, deception and stealing
was done under the table, behind closed doors,
in the dark of night.
There were no more government watchdogs to be had;
payoffs, bribery and graft were built-to-last,
the Betters House was built on sand.
The land was stripped, beaten, raped and left for dead.
No clarion call of warning came from the Fourth Estate.
No. The press became known as the lame stream media
now busy suckling at the corporate teat.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The end of civilized society was in direct correlation with implementation
of dumbing down principle (DDP) foisted upon educational institutions,
ever-present strong-arm tactics of minor Betters bent
on establishing a slave plantation
to solve the increasing problem with rising discontent.
Political and crowd control contributed to widespread consensus
the Betters were ramping up their campaign to destroy
individual rights before merging States to form a greater union
of Canada, Mexico and America.
With national sovereignty's innate power removed, internationalists
were flagged in; the plan to destroy education was insidious,
even those in academia didn't see it coming.
True intellectuals
attending university questioned the absence of self-discipline,
time-tested decorum and principled challenges against authoritarian
methods and manuevers.
Quasi-intellectuals in academia ceased to walk-the-talk
exposing their banal base and hypocrisy.
Modern academic educators were All head, No legs, Unarmed Genetically.
Under the guise of social justice many policies were enacted-
standardized education, preference for group-think,
removal of core curriculum and in its stead
initiated processes to strip individual autonomy,
inculcating political correctness and fear-mongering techniques;
a sure-fire method to kill debate and intelligent discourse.
This, coupled with mental and physical slavery through pharmaceuticals,
lowered standard of living, job outsourcing, ever-growing
uncertainty of purpose for higher education,
increased emphasis on passive study of abstractions
with increasing monolingualism-
a symbol of ethnocentrism or American "hybris"-
insured the country's sovereign demise.

Friday, June 1, 2007

There was no way for many people to internalize fear;
they began losing control over their very own lives.
Constant surveillance drove many into madness,
the sane to suicide.
Not surprisingly, many took to killing each other in fits of anger
frustration - strangers on strangers - family members.
Parents fearing for the lives of their young children
projected onto them their own despair.
There was no let-up of wars, mass illegal immigration, unemployment,
inadequate health care, natural disasters, coastal & in-land towns obliterated
by more powerful hurricanes and tornadoes that many thought were engineered.
Congress passed bills years ago to modify and manipulate the weather.
Low-brow nuts-in-charge were only too eager to wreck havoc
the states for economic and political control.
Parents thinking there was no way out,
the downward spiral in quality of life entrenched
parents started killing off their children.
By this time, things had gotten quite desperate.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Dread walks across faces like a public skipping stone
tossed out into a pool of humanity.
Jobs have marched overseas on the backs of ships and planes and pain
humps the body in the throes of depression and hopelessness.
Everyone is looking for the spark that ignites the soul into action.
Everyone is looking for the other to ignite-
set off a Hundredth Monkey phenomenon
affecting thousands to lionize all against the Betters
plan of destruction, here first.
Fat chance.
Our collective souls would rather fight and rail against the oppressor;
but if suppression of our soul's fire is on the manifest
so be it,
with one voice all free souls cry out "When hell freezes over!"
Touch, spark-to-spark ignite in spontaneous
combustion, rise.
Comic relief.

We were a smiling nation back then during the Reagan years,
in stark contrast to the present dregs of the day
in high places.
Today in the public square, once a thriving center of activity, no tree
stands, and the square stands bare. People don't meet and mix in a happy way
with the present dregs of the day. No. One is bound to lower covered head to chest,
eyes focused on the path below to avoid the eyes on poles,
in boxes, attached to telephone wires, restaurant tables, buses, windows,
floors and walls; all monitored and used in public to search privates-
spy docs manning endoscopes.

There is no hope.

"Once you begin a great movement, there's no telling where it will end.
We meant to change a nation, and instead we changed the world."
-- Ronald Reagan

Reading the words of President Reagan's Farewell Address
to the Nation on January 11, 1989, brought back all the good
one had for the country and its People.
It seemed, no other time in our history would there be
such a sense of cohesion, sense of destiny,
sense of preordained greatness in truth and human spirit,
than was encapsulated in the mere phrase
"Tear down this wall, Mr. Gorbachev."
One has to marvel at the audacity of such a command
leveled at a Russian leader.
Marveling still, at the warmth and sincerity of a man
could fundamentally put an end to the Cold War.
Such a man was he, President Reagan.

It behooves our Betters to take note
the People have not forgotten what a good man can accomplish:
end the Cold War, triumph over communism,
restore pride in America, here at home,
throughout the world.

Frustration mounted as evidence grew for complete take-over.
No one was able to pinpoint the exact time the Betters gained power.
Some say it was in April, 2007,
a time when prominent Betters refused to vacate
revered official positions and titled posts,
caught in a myriad of corruption and public-fleecing;
they had violated the public trust.
People became enraged when they realized
the Betters were accountable to no one.
The country had its own quasi-Reichstag with 2 capitol landmarks
heavily damaged by fire on the same day.
The fact that two 3-alarm fires of historic buildings
on the same day was considered "unusual"
the Chief on-board for a mere month, remarked
it was his "baptism of fire."
Emphasis on self being the national daily fare.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

It was an Insidious Happening

It was well in-place by the time the People spoke up.
Oh, there were some who knew of the Plan for a decade or two
before it bubbled up in the nation's consciousness.
The Hundredth Monkey principle at work, if you will.
Mountain of evidence for the Plan's agenda finally came out.
People chose to downplay or totally dismiss its lethality.
Basically, it all came out thanks to the net,
for the most part.